For couples, the thought of organising a wedding day often feels like quite a daunting one and to a degree there is plenty to consider. However, it doesn’t have to be worrisome. I’ve compiled a list of some of the most often overlooked wedding areas –so now you can simply tick them off as you go.

Music, Bands and Wedding DJ

Wedding music is wedding music so important – it provides atmosphere, mood and also creates the inclination in people to take part. In addition, the songs themselves are often special to the couple and can really frame a wedding’s feel. Taking time, when choosing a wedding DJ that will provide you with suitable music is important and it’s worth remembering that not all DJ are the same or for that matter equal.

As with each service mentioned on this list, Wedding DJ prices differ. It is worth mentioning generally you do tend to get what you pay for from most niche of vendor – though there may be some exceptions.

If selecting a band, it’s often a good take a look at them on YouTube beforehand. Most bands nowadays will have some sort of online presence, and checking them out via the web is a great way to see what they’re made of.

Food Considerations

As we all well know, not every person eats every sort of food for one reason or another and considerations in this regard are very important if looking to create the perfect wedding atmosphere. Whether it’s for religious, dietary or personal reasons – you need to take account of what people do and don’t eat and try and ensure you meet those folk’s needs.

Master of Ceremonies London

Hiring a top Master of Ceremonies is important and you should take time and effort in looking for the right one for you.

Watching YouTube videos, asking for friends’ personal recommendations and meeting and talking to the toastmaster will give you a good idea of the sort of person you like and feel comfortable with. Needless to say, contact me for details.


If you have children at the wedding then you will need to ensure they are taken care of as regards both food and entertainment. There are a number of ways to ensure they have a fun time.

Providing them with great games, having a fancy dress rule, or ensuring they have an outdoor area you can help ensure they don’t get bored and have a nice time. Magicians, face painting and treasure hunts are also a good idea.


Is the wedding in a different venue to the reception? If this is the case then it may be worthwhile considering transport for people. Alternatively, those attending may prefer to drive – just ensure that you give them the exact address to get there, to ensure nobody is late or gets lost – two very common issues.

These are just some tips to ensure nothing is overlooked and the day runs as smoothly as possible.