A Westminster Toastmaster’s Experience – 5 of London’s Most Extravagant Wedding Venues

I’ve worked in the area of Westminster as a Westminster toastmaster on a number of occasions and have seen some amazing venues.

London offers a whole host of fabulous and unusual places to host a wedding – there are all sorts of amazing locations for a reception. So, I thought I’d take a look through the web and see the sort of unusual places I could find and here they are.

Holland Park Orangery

If you want a beautiful, white wedding with an array of natural light and an abundance of white, then Holland Park Orangery is right up there.

The delightful room hosts 80 guests, so it’s great for smaller weddings and is just fabulous if you’re looking for a bright space. Obviously, the lack of room meanatural history museum weddingns post dinner dancing is a little limited and loud music not ideal. However, I was recently a enjoyed an experience as a St Johns Wood Toastmaster and I’d suggest that f you can live without this venue is extremely charming.

Natural History Museum

Yes, you can have your wedding reception is this fabulous building – underneath the skeleton of a dinosaur in fact.

The Natural History Museum is probably one of the most beautiful buildings in London and has some of the most notable architecture in the city. This opulence comes at a price and a £15,000 hire fee is required, but the capacity is 650 people – so it’s perfect for large weddings.

Kensington Palace Orangery

Another beautiful, elegant venue but one that though extravagant still manages to avoid being overly fussy. Kensington Palace Orangery looks into the gardens of the building. However, the terms are quite strict – no red wine. This could put a lot of people off and I’m not surprised.


Art Deco and one of the most beautiful venues in London. Claridge’s private entrance to the ballroom is fantastic and there’s a fantastic area for receptions as well as a beautiful room to powder the nose. As someone who has experienced venues as a Westminster toastmaster working in that area I would say prices are steep but it’s a fabulous venue.

Il Bottacio

A fabulous venue, this Georgian townhouse is just off Hyde Park Corner, so it’s very central. It’s there to be made up as you wish and the grand staircase is a fantastic eye catching piece. The venue needs to be hired, so the wedding party has to organise all aspects, however it’s got huge potential as a wedding venue.

Other places worth a mention include:

If you’re looking for a Westminster toastmaster or someone to work as a London Master of Ceremonies I’d be more than happy to do so – contact me.


London Toastmaster Shortlisted for Wedding Industry Awards Special Touch Category

A nice mention is something that I really appreciate, whether it’s from an individual or a couple – it’s always nice to be commended for my work as a toastmaster.

So, you can only imagine my delight when I found out I’d received a nomination from the prestigious Wedding Industry Awards for ‘Best Wedding Special Touch’ for London and the South East Region.Jango00004

London Toastmaster Shortlisted for Wedding Industry Awards Special Touch Category

As a person who likes to consider themselves the ‘Caring Toastmaster’ I feel that a nomination for an award in this category is extra special and something that I truly appreciate.

A wedding is a fantastic occasion and something that two people should celebrate in a commemorative atmospheric and with people that love them. It’s the bringing of two people and those around them together and there few things in life that can really better than that. Being surrounded by such an atmosphere on a regular basis makes my work a pleasure and is something I appreciate.

A London Toastmaster  thoughts on What Makes a Great Wedding?

There are a few things that make a great wedding in my opinion – unsurprisingly these are the simple things.

Happy People make Weddings

Happy people create a happy atmosphere and are the cornerstone of any wedding party. As a London master of ceremonies Happy people enjoy each others company, enjoy each others time and love spending time together and to a large degree that’s what makes a great wedding.

Happy Couple

If the couple are happy and truly delighted with the day at hand it reflects on those involved and the way the day goes. On a wedding day everyone is interlinked and their happiness is interwoven, however if the married couple are visibly over the moon, the congregation will be too.

Wedding Fun – London Master of Ceremonies

Happy people have fun, make fun and enjoy weddings and the only thing that succeeds like success is fun and enjoyment. If people are enjoying themselves at a wedding, it’s contagious. Ensuring your guests have fun and enjoy themselves is simple, even though many perceive as hard. It’s the simple things that make people happy; focusing on this ensures a great, happy wedding day.

I like to think that I make as much effort as possible to create happy people, a happy couple and encourage people to have fun and enjoy their wedding. Maybe it’s the simple things in life that allude to a special touch? Just my thoughts as a London Toastmaster

P.S. If you would like to vote for me I’d be delighted.

Working as a Hampshire Toastmaster was Fabulous!!

Recently I attended Warbrook House in Hampshire, a delightful venue that lends itself to having a Toastmaster for weddings. It was fabulous being a Hampshire Toastmaster for a day.

As usual on open days like this, young couples attend to gather information for their big day with plans at hand they come across me, ToastmasterJango. They’re often a little perplexed when they see me in my full red-coated glory.

On most occasions they smile and look a little puzzled as to how and what I can do for them on their wedding day, which is when I introduce myself with a ‘Good Morning I am ToastmasterJango’. I hampshire toastmasterthen explain to them that part of my work is to ensure that they and their family have a stress free day, organising and safeguarding that the right people are in the right place at the right time.

The No1 Toastmaster for Organisation

Now, this may seem like a quite simple task but when you break it down only a professional Toastmaster with his experience can ensure your day runs to time, without any hitches or glitches. After all, it’s what we do and I’m the no1 toastmaster in this regard!

For example when gathering everyone from reception to dinner a Toastmaster has the voice and authority to be heard and listened to. More importantly before he calls everyone to

eat their amazing meal, he has cheked that the catering is ready, the photographer is set and the videographer is ready to capture that special moment when the bride and bridegroom make their entry.

Professional Hampshire Toastmaster

This is where a professional Toastmaster comes into his own ensuring that everyone is ready for that special moment including the Bride, Bridegroom and respective families.

Without guidance, time will always over run at any wedding function the Toastmasters job is to ensure that everything runs to schedule. He will always be 10 minutes ahead of the day making sure that everyone is informed of what is coming up next and ensuring that everyone is ready and that all the guest are kept informed as well of the day’s proceedings.

Toastmaster for Weddings is Insurance

I always say that if you ‘get it’, you will book a professional Toastmaster; it’s like having an insurance policy that everything will be perfect on the day. Booking Jango as your Toastmaster guarantees you Perfection!!!

My planning, expertise, patients, care and genuine understanding is why I’m so highly rated by everyone that has booked me for their event. It leaves you with peace of mind that you will have a day to remember for the rest of your married lives.


5 Often Overlooked Things to Organise for your Wedding Day

For couples, the thought of organising a wedding day often feels like quite a daunting one and to a degree there is plenty to consider. However, it doesn’t have to be worrisome. I’ve compiled a list of some of the most often overlooked wedding areas –so now you can simply tick them off as you go.

Music, Bands and Wedding DJ

Wedding music is wedding music so important – it provides atmosphere, mood and also creates the inclination in people to take part. In addition, the songs themselves are often special to the couple and can really frame a wedding’s feel. Taking time, when choosing a wedding DJ that will provide you with suitable music is important and it’s worth remembering that not all DJ are the same or for that matter equal.

As with each service mentioned on this list, Wedding DJ prices differ. It is worth mentioning generally you do tend to get what you pay for from most niche of vendor – though there may be some exceptions.

If selecting a band, it’s often a good take a look at them on YouTube beforehand. Most bands nowadays will have some sort of online presence, and checking them out via the web is a great way to see what they’re made of.

Food Considerations

As we all well know, not every person eats every sort of food for one reason or another and considerations in this regard are very important if looking to create the perfect wedding atmosphere. Whether it’s for religious, dietary or personal reasons – you need to take account of what people do and don’t eat and try and ensure you meet those folk’s needs.

Master of Ceremonies London

Hiring a top Master of Ceremonies is important and you should take time and effort in looking for the right one for you.

Watching YouTube videos, asking for friends’ personal recommendations and meeting and talking to the toastmaster will give you a good idea of the sort of person you like and feel comfortable with. Needless to say, contact me for details.


If you have children at the wedding then you will need to ensure they are taken care of as regards both food and entertainment. There are a number of ways to ensure they have a fun time.

Providing them with great games, having a fancy dress rule, or ensuring they have an outdoor area you can help ensure they don’t get bored and have a nice time. Magicians, face painting and treasure hunts are also a good idea.


Is the wedding in a different venue to the reception? If this is the case then it may be worthwhile considering transport for people. Alternatively, those attending may prefer to drive – just ensure that you give them the exact address to get there, to ensure nobody is late or gets lost – two very common issues.

These are just some tips to ensure nothing is overlooked and the day runs as smoothly as possible.


The Best Bride Wedding Speech Tips

Even though it’s not the done thing, a bridal speech can be a fantastic opportunity for the most important lady at the wedding to greet in-laws, thank people for coming and share their happiness with all the people at the occasion.

To put it plainly, ifbride wedding speech you as the bride want to talk, or wish to make a speech then you should certainly go right ahead and do it. And, here are some tips on how to do so.

Bride Wedding Speech – Best for Last

Generally, the bride speech will be the last of the night and the most memorable because of this. This often leads to it being the most impactful. It’s also increasingly common for the bride and bridegroom to make a speech together and double up. Just be sure that you aren’t too emotional – you don’t want mascara related issues.

Grateful and Acknowledge

Whether you do it alone, or with your husband, be grateful for the people who have come such a long way to your wedding. Also mention those who have passed but were important in your life, as well as those that couldn’t make it for one reason or another.

Be sure to mention your mum and dad; they are the people who shaped you and who have offered you love and support through good and bad times. Also be sure to thank your in-laws for all they’ve done and also for welcoming them into their family.

Stories for the Bride Wedding Speech

A great story works well and sharing a tale about how you met your now husband, or something humorous and light-hearted from the earlier days is a good way to create interest and engage people in the speech.

Important Person

The most important person is going to be your new husband and you should tell him how much you love him and how lucky you feel about starting your life together as a family.

The Bride

Because the bride wedding speech is at the end and also because it’s less formal; there is more room to be creative and less need to address certain things. In essence, there’s no formal etiquette. The guidelines above are just that; however they are there to help and ensure you cover important bases in a bride’s wedding speech.

Finally, remember that you don’t have to speak if you don’t want and that this guide is there to help you out if you decide to do so. Most importantly of all, just enjoy the day at hand.

Professional Toastmaster Tips and Some Fun Facts

Being a great professional Toastmaster isn’t just about standing there and uttering instructions in a loud voice – there’s a lot more to it than that. In fact, there’s a whole host of traditions and other factors that need to be considered when doing the job.

I’ve compiled a list of some interesting facts to give you a perspective on what it means to be a professional Toastmaster and also some of the lesser known things about the job, duties and etiquette related raising a toast in general.

Professional Toastmaster Clubs

There are 292,000 members of Toastmaster International. These members are spread over 14,350 clubs in 122 nations. There are generally between 10 and 40 members in each of these clubs and membership is open to all people over 18.

Alcohol and Special Glasses

Even though you may be nervous, liquid courage is not the way to go – so as a professional Toastmaster you need know your limit, if you even drink at all.

In the old days, a Toastmaster was required to stay sober and to encourage this he had a special glass that looked like everyone else’s, although it was mainly solid on the inside. This meant it could hold far less alcohol and meant the Toastmaster wouldn’t be the worse for wear.

Don’t Overdo Humour

Humour is a necessity for a wedding toast; however your goal should be to have people laughing, not to be the centre of attention. Using a wedding to try out your stand-up routine is ill advised. You need to remember to tow a line between delighting people, but not making them cringe.

Etiquette as a Professional Toastmaster

Toastmaster etiquette has evolved and changed with time. However, one thing that has stayed constant is that the host of the party should be the one to make the initial toast.

Where to Look when Being a Professional Toastmaster

People who are toasting a big group should always look at the Toastmaster and raise their glass towards him when needs be. However, if your toasting with a small group then you need to look the person in the eye and when you clink each other’s glasses say something like ‘good health’ or cheers to celebrate the occasion.

Being Toasted and Drinking

When you are being toasted it is bad etiquette to drink when everyone else does. In essence, this is the equivalent of patting yourself on the back. If you are being toasted then it’s best to just say thank you and wait until the toast is over to drink.

So, I hope you have some insight into what it means to be a toastmaster, some tips on raising a toast and also some entertaining facts about professional Toastmasters in general

My Wedding Industry Award Nominations – Thanks from a Wedding Toastmaster in London

It’s always lovely to be recognised for doing something you love doing – so needless to say I was delighted when I found out that I had been nominated, not once but twice for The Wedding Industry Awards – thanks to the two people that voted for me.

As a professional wedding Toastmaster in London, I love making families, brides, grooms and others happy and the satisfaction I get from doing so is a very beneficial part of this line of work.

Wedding Toastmaster intoastmaster in london London and Wedding Industry Award Nomination

Seeing people at ease and enjoy a stress-free day, without issue is always a lovely thing and knowing that you helped them along the way is very satisfying.

The Wedding Industry Awards are about ‘Recognising and rewarding excellence in the wedding industry’ – I obviously took that from the Wedding Industry Awards website. Needless to say, there are some fantastic people on there that have been part and parcel of the wedding industry for a long time.

Of course, it’s understandable why so many people enjoy being part of this wonderful area. I know that being a wedding Toastmaster in London for weddings in this industry is a great job, but for a lot of people – it’s a lot more.

Professional Toastmaster in London

There’s something fantastic about weddings and whether you’re a family member, a guest, or someone offering a service for the big day – it’s hard not to enjoy it. When a lot of people have to deal with less than ideal situations and work in environments that aren’t always uplifting, working in a wedding environment is very different.

Everyone is upbeat, happy and enjoying themselves and the general atmosphere is positive and fantastic. This mood is an uplifting one and for people working in the industry is often a big part of why they’re in the industry. So, I’m not one odd.

I love weddings and love being a wedding Toastmaster in London and its surrounding areas such as Middlesex and even further afield. It’s a great job and one it’s lovely to be recognised for being good at.

So, why not get in touch with me if you’ve any queries or want me to help you with your wedding.

A London Toastmaster’s Tips on How to Prepare a Great Wedding Speech

I’ve been a Toastmaster and obviously a guest at an array of weddings throughout my life. In fact, I can still remember how much I loved the first wedding I attended and to be honest, I still love them. In part, it’s why I wanted to become a Toastmaster.

Besides this, I’ve always been the person who was asked to ‘say a few words’ when at a wedding or event – so in a way it wasn’t a huge transition. Most importantly, I’m quite lucky in that I enjoy it. However, that doesn’t mean everyone does and making a speech, or even saying a few words in front of a crowd doesn’t come naturally to everyone. So, I thought I’d offer some advice on the subject. Here’s what I’ve learned from my work as a Toastmaster in London and from attending weddings throughout the world. Here are some tips on how to prepare a great wedding speech.

Prepare Now and Don’t Wait for Inspiration

The mantra, ‘fail to prepare: prepare to fail’, should be written on the first page of every speech advice book across the world. In short, there’s a big difference between delivering a speech into your bathroom mirror and delivering one to 200 wedding guests.

So, prepare the speech, write it down on some note cards – there’s no shame in it –  and keep it by your side until after you give it. Wine, emotions and family often make for an inspired speech, however sometimes they also cause you to forgot one too. It’s in that scenario you’ll be glad of those notes.

My Experience as a London Toastmaster is People Love Humour

People love humour and it’s a great way to start the speech as it instantly engages people. Starting off a speech with some appropriate humour is a good way to create interest, positivity and gets you over the hardest part of the speech, whilst settling your nerves.

A Little Emotion

It’s a joyous occasion and you should follow up a light-hearted opening with something of meaning and worth. From the intangibility of love to a heart-warming story; a smidgen of emotion goes a long way.

Two Drinks and Five Minutes

Don’t drink too much before the speech – any more than two drinks and you could be in danger territory, running the risk of slurring and making slurs. A little Dutch courage is fine, too much can cause problems.

Remember, around five minutes is the perfect length for a speech – it’s short enough to keep people interested and long enough to cover everything. So, prepare a five minute piece and ask someone at the table to let you know discreetly when the five minute mark is approaching.

So, my advice is to take some heed of these general tips and use them to help guide you through the speech.

Do you have any suggestions on how to prepare a wedding speech? Needless to say, if you’re looking for a Toastmaster in Watford or London Toastmaster or even one from further afield I can offer advice and help – please get in touch.

Why not get in touch with Jango Gadzar

How to Choose a Toastmaster for your Wedding

As Toastmasters, we are there to help your wedding run a smooth path. However, if you’re like a lot of people you will have little or no experience in choosing a Toastmaster and so don’t really know what to look for. So, I’ve compiled some impartial tips to help. Here’s what to look for when considering a Toastmaster for your wedding.

How to Choose a Toastmaster – Remember it’s Your Wedding

The best place to start when choosing a Toastmaster is to consider your own wedding. You probably have some sort of a theme for your big day and choosing a Toastmaster that fits in with this theme is a great way to begin. Some Toastmasters are more formal in their approach than others, while other masters of ceremony are more laid back and fun orientated. You know the air and the feel you want your wedding to give off and choosing a Toastmaster that fits in with this should be the first step.

Other Decisions when Choosing a Toastmaster

Other initial factors should include whether you want a man or a woman, the age of the person you want and your budget. Deciding on these factors will help you narrow down your choice and provide more focus when you choose a Toastmaster.

Location is also important and it’s a lot easier if your Toastmaster lives within reasonable immediacy. As a Toastmaster in Northwood, Middlesex outside London, I find living in proximity to people can be of great benefit when offering my services.

Make Contact with the Toastmaster

After doing some research online and also through word of mouth; contact the Toastmasters that you like the look of from the now narrowed down list. Calling Toastmasters to discuss what they offer, their services, prices and availability is important at this stage.

In addition, this allows you to get a feel for the sort of person they are on a one-to-one level. The interpersonal part of choosing a Toastmaster cannot be overestimated. You need to be able to communicate, trust and talk to your Toastmaster and if you feel comfortable with them from the initial stages this can be a notable positive when the big day comes around.

Being honest with your Toastmaster and raising concerns or questions is all part and parcel of choosing one. So, don’t be shy to ask or query anything they say or offer – there are no stupid questions!

The Wedding

It’s a good idea to have a list of details about the wedding ready. You want to be able to inform your Toastmaster about anything specific you wish them to do, wedding times, when the celebration ends, if it’s at unusual hours, where it is – essentially the basic wedding details.


Toastmasters often have some fantastic contacts in the wedding industry and it’s often worth asking them about entertainment, bands, caterers or other aspects of the wedding. They can often provide recommendations that will save you time and effort and make sure your wedding is thoroughly enjoyable and very memorable for all involved. As a Toastmaster in Northwood, on the cusp of London, I have a wide range of contacts that can be of help when organising a wedding.

Toastmaster Reviews and Testimonials

The world of the web means online reviews are readily available for all sorts of wedding services. If you want to know more about a Toastmaster, why not perform a quick Google search for them – it can be a great way of getting impartial insight.

Deciding on a Toastmaster, like most aspects of a wedding, is a very personal thing. So, my advice is choose someone you’re comfortable with, is able to meet your needs and is there to help you with your day.

Why not get in touch with me for a chat if you’re looking for a Toastmaster – I’m more than delighted to help.

How to be a Toastmaster at a Wedding – What Does a Toastmaster Do?

toastmaster wedding As a Toastmaster my work takes me across a whole myriad of celebrations, although I do find that a lot of the great experiences I have are at weddings. Understandably, at such functions I’m often asked what does a toastmaster do,  how to be a Toastmaster at a wedding or why should someone have a professional toastmaster at their wedding? They’re all good questions of course, so I’m going to try and answer below.

The Master of Ceremonies Organises the Event

Any formal event will require an element of organisation and if you’re the bride, groom or host you won’t want to have to worry about running the function. You’ll want to enjoy the occasion and leave such issues up to someone else – this is where the toastmaster steps-in.

Weddings, like any formal occasion, whether it’s a Bar Mitzvah or charity events need to be organised and time needs to be kept. A Toastmaster will ensure this and facilitates the running of the occasion – meaning you can enjoy the fantastic day at hand with family and friends.

Toastmasters Bring a Sense of Calm

Toastmasters should bring an element of formality, occasion and splendour to an event and be a beacon of confidence and assurance. We aim to make your guests comfortable, but do so in a discreet, calm manner that should resonate with the bride, groom or host, as well as the guests.

Toastmaster Etiquette

Toastmasters do of course have to follow certain etiquette and there is certain protocol that needs to be adhered to. We’ll help guide the party through the day, ensuring that members of the group are informed of any duties they need to carry out and we will show them how to do so.

As ‘The Caring Toastmaster’, I like to see myself as far removed from the starchy image of the old fashioned Toastmaster and am there to work with you and help ensure your comfort and also do anything you wish. As weddings have changed in recent years, Toastmasters have also and we are there to accommodate the changes that come with the modern wedding. We’re here to provide the grace with elements of discipline, as well as kindness and caring that the modern reception requires.

Toastmaster Duties

A good Toastmaster is worth more than the sum of their parts. They offer people management, control and monitor timings and also offer the sort of personable experience and care and comfort that people require on such big days. They should run a seamless effort between catering and caring for your needs and that of your hosts and also ensuring things run well and without issue.

As Toastmasters, in essence we’re here to remove the burden of organisation and responsibility away from you so you can spend more time enjoying the event at hand rather than keeping an eye on the clock and worrying. This means that all your time can be spent celebrating that big day.

Needless to say if you’ve any questions you want to ask me don’t hesitate and get in touch.