As Toastmasters, we are there to help your wedding run a smooth path. However, if you’re like a lot of people you will have little or no experience in choosing a Toastmaster and so don’t really know what to look for. So, I’ve compiled some impartial tips to help. Here’s what to look for when considering a Toastmaster for your wedding.

How to Choose a Toastmaster – Remember it’s Your Wedding

The best place to start when choosing a Toastmaster is to consider your own wedding. You probably have some sort of a theme for your big day and choosing a Toastmaster that fits in with this theme is a great way to begin. Some Toastmasters are more formal in their approach than others, while other masters of ceremony are more laid back and fun orientated. You know the air and the feel you want your wedding to give off and choosing a Toastmaster that fits in with this should be the first step.

Other Decisions when Choosing a Toastmaster

Other initial factors should include whether you want a man or a woman, the age of the person you want and your budget. Deciding on these factors will help you narrow down your choice and provide more focus when you choose a Toastmaster.

Location is also important and it’s a lot easier if your Toastmaster lives within reasonable immediacy. As a Toastmaster in Northwood, Middlesex outside London, I find living in proximity to people can be of great benefit when offering my services.

Make Contact with the Toastmaster

After doing some research online and also through word of mouth; contact the Toastmasters that you like the look of from the now narrowed down list. Calling Toastmasters to discuss what they offer, their services, prices and availability is important at this stage.

In addition, this allows you to get a feel for the sort of person they are on a one-to-one level. The interpersonal part of choosing a Toastmaster cannot be overestimated. You need to be able to communicate, trust and talk to your Toastmaster and if you feel comfortable with them from the initial stages this can be a notable positive when the big day comes around.

Being honest with your Toastmaster and raising concerns or questions is all part and parcel of choosing one. So, don’t be shy to ask or query anything they say or offer – there are no stupid questions!

The Wedding

It’s a good idea to have a list of details about the wedding ready. You want to be able to inform your Toastmaster about anything specific you wish them to do, wedding times, when the celebration ends, if it’s at unusual hours, where it is – essentially the basic wedding details.


Toastmasters often have some fantastic contacts in the wedding industry and it’s often worth asking them about entertainment, bands, caterers or other aspects of the wedding. They can often provide recommendations that will save you time and effort and make sure your wedding is thoroughly enjoyable and very memorable for all involved. As a Toastmaster in Northwood, on the cusp of London, I have a wide range of contacts that can be of help when organising a wedding.

Toastmaster Reviews and Testimonials

The world of the web means online reviews are readily available for all sorts of wedding services. If you want to know more about a Toastmaster, why not perform a quick Google search for them – it can be a great way of getting impartial insight.

Deciding on a Toastmaster, like most aspects of a wedding, is a very personal thing. So, my advice is choose someone you’re comfortable with, is able to meet your needs and is there to help you with your day.

Why not get in touch with me for a chat if you’re looking for a Toastmaster – I’m more than delighted to help.