As a Jewish toastmaster as someone who is a member of the Jewish faith, I feel that I’m someone who can help enhance your wedding simcha.

I will ensure that your Jewish Wedding offers all the fun and excitement possible in an ordered and organised fashion. From the formalities of Grace before and after meals to the Jewish dancing, I will be there to ensure everything runs as smooth as clockwork.

Jewish Toastmaster for Weddingsjewish toastmaster for weddings

A wedding is such a fantastic occasion and I particularly enjoy working with Jewish weddings, as it’s something close to me. I’ve worked with a number of fantastic couples of the Jewish faith of late and it’s always lovely to help two special people on their big day.

As a toastmaster I’m here to help make your special day magical and to add splendour and be a special helping hand. No problem is too large or too small and once you decide on me I’m available for any query or question and happy to offer any advice I can give.

I thoroughly enjoy being a Jewish toastmaster and take great pride and joy in helping the bride and groom and their respective families to feel at ease and relax on this fantastic day of matrimony.

Professional Jewish Wedding Toastmaster

As a Toastmaster I received my professional training and am a member of the Toastmaster & Master Of Ceremonies Federation (TMCF), which was founded in 1954 and also of the Toastmaster’s General Council. Due to my credentials you can expect peace of mind and be sure that I will look after even the smallest of details.

Jewish Master of Ceremonies

I perform a number of other duties as a toastmaster and am also available for Bar Mitzvahs, business ceremonies, as well as a range of others. I’m always happy to discuss specific needs and if you’re looking for a Jewish Toastmaster, then feel free to contact me as I’d be more than happy be your Jewish wedding Master of Ceremonies.

Why not get in contact with me today?