A nice mention is something that I really appreciate, whether it’s from an individual or a couple – it’s always nice to be commended for my work as a toastmaster.

So, you can only imagine my delight when I found out I’d received a nomination from the prestigious Wedding Industry Awards for ‘Best Wedding Special Touch’ for London and the South East Region.Jango00004

London Toastmaster Shortlisted for Wedding Industry Awards Special Touch Category

As a person who likes to consider themselves the ‘Caring Toastmaster’ I feel that a nomination for an award in this category is extra special and something that I truly appreciate.

A wedding is a fantastic occasion and something that two people should celebrate in a commemorative atmospheric and with people that love them. It’s the bringing of two people and those around them together and there few things in life that can really better than that. Being surrounded by such an atmosphere on a regular basis makes my work a pleasure and is something I appreciate.

A London Toastmaster  thoughts on What Makes a Great Wedding?

There are a few things that make a great wedding in my opinion – unsurprisingly these are the simple things.

Happy People make Weddings

Happy people create a happy atmosphere and are the cornerstone of any wedding party. As a London master of ceremonies Happy people enjoy each others company, enjoy each others time and love spending time together and to a large degree that’s what makes a great wedding.

Happy Couple

If the couple are happy and truly delighted with the day at hand it reflects on those involved and the way the day goes. On a wedding day everyone is interlinked and their happiness is interwoven, however if the married couple are visibly over the moon, the congregation will be too.

Wedding Fun – London Master of Ceremonies

Happy people have fun, make fun and enjoy weddings and the only thing that succeeds like success is fun and enjoyment. If people are enjoying themselves at a wedding, it’s contagious. Ensuring your guests have fun and enjoy themselves is simple, even though many perceive as hard. It’s the simple things that make people happy; focusing on this ensures a great, happy wedding day.

I like to think that I make as much effort as possible to create happy people, a happy couple and encourage people to have fun and enjoy their wedding. Maybe it’s the simple things in life that allude to a special touch? Just my thoughts as a London Toastmaster

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