Being a great professional Toastmaster isn’t just about standing there and uttering instructions in a loud voice – there’s a lot more to it than that. In fact, there’s a whole host of traditions and other factors that need to be considered when doing the job.

I’ve compiled a list of some interesting facts to give you a perspective on what it means to be a professional Toastmaster and also some of the lesser known things about the job, duties and etiquette related raising a toast in general.

Professional Toastmaster Clubs

There are 292,000 members of Toastmaster International. These members are spread over 14,350 clubs in 122 nations. There are generally between 10 and 40 members in each of these clubs and membership is open to all people over 18.

Alcohol and Special Glasses

Even though you may be nervous, liquid courage is not the way to go – so as a professional Toastmaster you need know your limit, if you even drink at all.

In the old days, a Toastmaster was required to stay sober and to encourage this he had a special glass that looked like everyone else’s, although it was mainly solid on the inside. This meant it could hold far less alcohol and meant the Toastmaster wouldn’t be the worse for wear.

Don’t Overdo Humour

Humour is a necessity for a wedding toast; however your goal should be to have people laughing, not to be the centre of attention. Using a wedding to try out your stand-up routine is ill advised. You need to remember to tow a line between delighting people, but not making them cringe.

Etiquette as a Professional Toastmaster

Toastmaster etiquette has evolved and changed with time. However, one thing that has stayed constant is that the host of the party should be the one to make the initial toast.

Where to Look when Being a Professional Toastmaster

People who are toasting a big group should always look at the Toastmaster and raise their glass towards him when needs be. However, if your toasting with a small group then you need to look the person in the eye and when you clink each other’s glasses say something like ‘good health’ or cheers to celebrate the occasion.

Being Toasted and Drinking

When you are being toasted it is bad etiquette to drink when everyone else does. In essence, this is the equivalent of patting yourself on the back. If you are being toasted then it’s best to just say thank you and wait until the toast is over to drink.

So, I hope you have some insight into what it means to be a toastmaster, some tips on raising a toast and also some entertaining facts about professional Toastmasters in general