toastmaster wedding As a Toastmaster my work takes me across a whole myriad of celebrations, although I do find that a lot of the great experiences I have are at weddings. Understandably, at such functions I’m often asked what does a toastmaster do,  how to be a Toastmaster at a wedding or why should someone have a professional toastmaster at their wedding? They’re all good questions of course, so I’m going to try and answer below.

The Master of Ceremonies Organises the Event

Any formal event will require an element of organisation and if you’re the bride, groom or host you won’t want to have to worry about running the function. You’ll want to enjoy the occasion and leave such issues up to someone else – this is where the toastmaster steps-in.

Weddings, like any formal occasion, whether it’s a Bar Mitzvah or charity events need to be organised and time needs to be kept. A Toastmaster will ensure this and facilitates the running of the occasion – meaning you can enjoy the fantastic day at hand with family and friends.

Toastmasters Bring a Sense of Calm

Toastmasters should bring an element of formality, occasion and splendour to an event and be a beacon of confidence and assurance. We aim to make your guests comfortable, but do so in a discreet, calm manner that should resonate with the bride, groom or host, as well as the guests.

Toastmaster Etiquette

Toastmasters do of course have to follow certain etiquette and there is certain protocol that needs to be adhered to. We’ll help guide the party through the day, ensuring that members of the group are informed of any duties they need to carry out and we will show them how to do so.

As ‘The Caring Toastmaster’, I like to see myself as far removed from the starchy image of the old fashioned Toastmaster and am there to work with you and help ensure your comfort and also do anything you wish. As weddings have changed in recent years, Toastmasters have also and we are there to accommodate the changes that come with the modern wedding. We’re here to provide the grace with elements of discipline, as well as kindness and caring that the modern reception requires.

Toastmaster Duties

A good Toastmaster is worth more than the sum of their parts. They offer people management, control and monitor timings and also offer the sort of personable experience and care and comfort that people require on such big days. They should run a seamless effort between catering and caring for your needs and that of your hosts and also ensuring things run well and without issue.

As Toastmasters, in essence we’re here to remove the burden of organisation and responsibility away from you so you can spend more time enjoying the event at hand rather than keeping an eye on the clock and worrying. This means that all your time can be spent celebrating that big day.

Needless to say if you’ve any questions you want to ask me don’t hesitate and get in touch.